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When Should You Consider Updating the Cabinetry in Your Kitchens, Bathrooms or Laundry Rooms?

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Any home renovation project involves a lot of detail. In addition, until the project concludes, the disruption to the routine of your life will remain a constant. These aspects make many people procrastinate when it comes to their home renovation and remodelling projects. However, working in inefficiently designed kitchens can be problematic. Similarly, not having ample storage space in your bathrooms or laundry rooms can be equally vexing as well. Having to face these situations on a daily basis can become a bane. Eventually, people will realise that they require new cabinetry in their Mt. Ommaney homes. Moreover, they will also consider the merits of giving their kitchens and bathrooms a sleek makeover.

Many renovation projects involve the purchase and installation of new cabinetry. In fact, experts believe that new cabinetry consumes as much as half of any renovation budget – especially for kitchens and bathrooms. However, the lines can often look blurred when you want to ascertain whether you need a proper renovation or a little maintenance. In this scenario, it pays to look for signs that indicate which of the two situations suit you. Consider opting for a full-fledged renovation when your cabinets:


  • Start Peeling: Vinyl cabinets became extremely popular back in the 1990s. They became integral to any home décor project. They also provided a cost-effective alternative to painted or timber kitchens. While they look great when new, they do begin peeling after a dozen years or so. The peeling takes place because the glue used for applying the vinyl to the underlying Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) starts losing its adhesive properties. Glue does not have a long lifespan. Hence, the vinyl will start peeling at the corners and edges of the cabinets over time.


  • Start Looking Dated: You do not necessarily need to replace peeling cabinets. You can remove the peeling vinyl. Then, you can repaint the cabinets to acquire a finish that complements the existing décor of your home perfectly. Following this, you could re-install the cabinets in their appropriate places. But, home décor trends have changed a lot since the 1990s. So, if you feel that you want cabinetry that looks modern or contemporary, consider replacing them altogether.


  • Start Yellowing Over Time: White kitchens continue to remain in vogue. But, keeping your white cabinets spotless with the passage of time can be tough. Over time, your white cabinets will start discolouring and turning yellow. Exposure to sunlight, cooking and food particles etc. often result in the yellowing of your cabinets. Discolouration does not prevent you from using your cabinets as you did before. But, discoloured cabinets indicate that they require refinishing or replacements. For instance, you could consult a specialist kitchen company in Sherwood or elsewhere to obtain the best solution to this issue.


  • Start Malfunctioning: Slamming cabinets and kitchen drawers will rarely be worthwhile. But, even if you take good care of your cabinetry, the signs of wear and tear will eventually become apparent. The cabinets will lose the lustrous look they initially offered. In some cases, the mechanism for opening and closing the doors might start malfunctioning. In such situations, replacing the cabinets might be your best bet.


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